Most people can pinpoint one experience of art - a piece of music, an image, a film, a fashion statement - that impacted upon their life, made them stop in their tracks and consider their situation. Art has an influence upon our lives, moving us, changing us, forming our identity, shaping the culture of our communities.

This project explores art's impact upon individuals in Hull, adding to the current conversation in the city about the value of the arts to our communities, and revealing untold stories of how art has moved those who, in turn, influence our city.

Moved is an Untold Stories commission for Hull City Library Service and Art for Hull.

Jerome Whittingham
Leanne Cloudsdale
Jack Thompson
Brian Lavery
Luke Danaher
Clare Holdstock
Revd Matt Woodcock
Gary Hockney
Peter Knaggs
Quentin Budworth
Debi Keable
Andy Richardson
Lynda Hill
Mike Watts
Phil Lamb
Rebecca Shipham
Dean Kirk
Ann Newlove
Cyril George
Honey Langcaster-James
Detty Tyler
Jan Brumby
Jenny Wilson Rood
Louise Beech
Jerome Whittingham
Malcolm Scott
Mark Page
Matt Burr
Mark Rees
Imogen Hart

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